Dudes and Dudettes

Sunday, March 16, 2008


We here on the HiYo team are proud to announce that we’ve launched the public release of HiYo Beta!


We are having a blast receiving all the positive HiYo feedback.

We are aware that we still have some minor bugs here and there, BUT our top lineup of programmers are working nonstop morning ‘til night to solve these issues as fast as possible to

bring YOU the most kick messenger experience EVER!!!

Sooo get ready to get pumped up because we have new content, including never seen before chubbywinks in the works!!

Until next time… Peace!

P.S. Look out for the HOT College category in display pictures coming soon!

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4 Comments to: Dudes and Dudettes
Funny...what is a dudette?
omg a cool ass icone
dudette obviously girl

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